Advance Treatment for Piles & Fistula

Our department of anorectal surgery is headed by Dr. Satish Sharma who is providing anorectal surgery since 1988. He has done his M.D (AY) in Ayurvedic surgery from Institute of medical science, Banaras Hindu University Varanasi. He is specialized in treatment of ‘Fistula in ANO’ especially those cases who had undergone multiple surgical procedures. Gynecology and obstetric department is headed by Dr. Neerja Sharma who is doing extensive work in the field of female infertility since 1988. Dr. Neerja Sharma has done her M.D(AY) from institute medical sciences Varanasi.

Our specialization

Ano Rectal Diseases
Fisluta in Ano:  Fislutain  ano is aslo known as ‘Bhagandra’ or ‘Nasoor : It starts  as an abscess (collection of pus) in area around anus . This pus discharging abscess results into a Tract known as ‘ fistula in ANO’ Fistula in Ano.lt has two openings : one is over skin around anus and other inside the anal canal. Symptoms of fistula  is recrrent discharge of pus from opening around anus.If external opening gets closed , pus accumulate inside the fistulous tract and patient feels pain. Pain is relieved only when pent up pus oozes out.
Diagnosis: Besides clinical examination diagnosis is confirmed by USG of perineum or by MRI.


  1. In initial stage hot sitz bath, anti inflammatory drugs and antibiotics are given to relieve the symptoms.
  2. Permanent cure is surgical.
Various surgical Procedures Adopted Are:
  1. Fistulotomy
  2. Fistulectomy
  3. Mucosal Flap Procedure
  4. Gluing of Fistula
  5. Anal Fistula Plug Repair (AFP)
  6. LIFT Technique ( ligation of Intersphincteric Fistula Tract


Our Treatment : we treat fistula in Ano at om sai Hospital and piles centre by novel procedure described by great ancient surgeon “Sushruta” he described’ kshsar sutra therapy ‘

Kshar sutra: ‘kshar sutra is a thread coated with various herbs such as turmeric or haldi ( Curcuma longa ) ‘milky use of plants such as ‘Sunhi’ ( Euphorbia Nerifolia) or ’ Udumbar’ ( Ficus racemosa ) and alkaline extracts of plants such as Apamarg (Achyranthes aspera) this thread which is known as ‘kshar sutra’ is passed through opening of fistula in ANO and it comes out through another opening and then both and are tied. Medicine coated in the thread dissolves slowly  and destroy the unhealthy tissue in fistula tract and tract become shorter . After certain period of time usually one week ‘Kshar Sutra’ is changed with new one. This process is repeated until whole of the tract is cut through.

Benefits  of Kshar Sutra Therapy Over Conventional Surgery :
  1. No Excessive cutting of tissue
  2. No Removal Of Healthy Tissue
  3. Minimum Bleeding
  4. Hospitalization and lmmovilisation is minimum
  5. Takes less time to heal
  6. No recurrence
  7. Patient can do routine work after 48 to 72 hours

These days moden surgeons also use silk or non absorbable  synthetic thread known as seton . This is different from ’Kshar Sustra’. Seton is  not coated with any herbal or other medicine . Seton merely act as to make fistulous opening patent to aid discharge of pus.

Advance Laser Treatment

Most ADVANCE LASER Technology from Germany to treat PILES





There are various methods to treat (Haemorrhoids) PILES. Traditional surgery is much more invasive, painful and require prolonged hospitalization

Treatment of full developed piles by medicine is not at all satisfactory.

But LASER treatment is much more result oriented, patient friendly as it required minimum hospitalization, no bleeding Occurs and moreover it is painless procedure.
After Laser treatment patient can attend daily activities in one to two days.
Post operative care is much less in laser treatment than conventional surgery of piles.
Laser treatment of piles is suitable for all age group both men and women.

Pilonidal Sinus

It is also called Jeep Bottom or drivers bottom. It is infective tract which occur lower end of backbone in between buttocks it useally contains hairs and unhealthy tissues. Pilonidal Sinus Is Situated behind the anus but does not open in the anal canal. Patient useally complaints of pus like dischargrein  the region above anus. There may be pain which is throbbing in nature. Initially there is one opening but sooner or later multiple openings occur around primary opening.

Pilonidal Sinus also treated by ‘Kshar Sutra’ Threapy.

Benifts of ‘Kshar Sutra’ Threapy

  • Minimume Cutting of Tissue
  • No Hospitalisation. Usually patient is discharge between 2 to 4 hours
  • No bleeding
  • Healing Occurearlier
  • No Recurrence


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