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Om Sai Hospital and Piles center is dedicated for providing treatment of Fistula is ANO, pilonidal sinus, piles, and fissure in ano by Ayurvedic methods especially by, Kshar Sutra’ and Ayurvedic medicines. Our aim is to treat patients in such a way that no recurrence takes place. Fistula In ANO, Piles, Pilonidal sinus .and fissure inano are chronic diseases which are difficult to treat with and tends to recur even after surgical intervention by experience surgeons. We treat these diseases by time tested Ayurvedic medicine and other various procedures such as “Kshar Sutraas described by eminent.

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Our Client Say

Best dr for Piles &Fistula in ano by kshar sutra.

- Dr.Pashupati Nath

Our Client Say

Their diverse range of departments treat and cure numerous diseases.

- - Priya Vora


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