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December 20, 2022
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December 20, 2022

Thousands of people experience piles on a regular basis all over the world. Even though they do not pose a life-threatening threat, piles can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Although there are several effective ways to treat piles, laser treatment for piles is the most common.

The Piles laser treatment in Amritsar has some benefits, like all other treatment options.

However, when the benefits of laser treatment for piles are compared to the risks, the benefits outweigh the risks by a wide margin.

To learn more about piles treatment with a laser, keep reading.

A narrow laser beam is used in the piles laser treatment in Amritsar, a less invasive outpatient procedure, to shrink or remove the affected tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

This treatment option is very well-liked because it offers so many benefits. However, it also has a limited number of side effects, like all treatment modalities.

One of the side effects of piles laser treatment is a burning sensation that eventually goes away. It may also cause external skin tag thrombosis in extremely uncommon circumstances.

What exactly are Piles?

Haemorrhoids, also referred to as piles, are enlarged and bulging blood vessels that form around the anus and lower rectal area.
Internal haemorrhoids that form inside the anus or external haemorrhoids that form on the lining of the anus or lower rectum are both possible.

What Leads to Pile Formation?

Blood vessels near the anus or lower rectum become too stressed and form piles. There are some routine daily behaviours that can result in piles.

The likelihood of pile formation may be increased by the following circumstances:

● Constipation
● Diarrhoea
● Performing heavy lifting
● Obesity
● Pregnancy
● Longer periods of time spent on the toilet seat

Benefits of piles laser treatment:

The benefits of laser treatment for piles include:
● General anaesthesia is not necessary
● More comfortable than other surgical procedures
● No need to stay in the hospital
● The safer course of treatment
● During the procedure, there was less bleeding
● Quicker recovery
● The shorter period of recovery
● No stitches, open sores, or cuts
● Quicker return to routine tasks
● Shorter time to finish the process
● Increased success rate
● Fewer visits for follow-up
● Recurrence risk is reduced
● No or very low risk of infection following surgery


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