What Is A Fistula & How Does It Affect

The majority of us are aware of the fistula disease. It’s difficult to live with a fistula. Any area of the body can experience fistula development. […]

Anal Fissure Diagnosis and Treatment

These days, everyone is aware of anal fissures. Treatment for fissures is possible quite easily with the help of Fistula Kshar Sutra Treatment in Tarn taran. […]

How is an anal fissure treated?

Anal canal stretching and anus lining tears can both result from trauma or injury. Anal fissures, also known as these tears, are typically caused by passing […]

Important Tips for Reducing Recovery Time After Piles Surgery

A procedure called a hemorrhoidectomy is used to remove piles. Piles Laser Treatment in Tarn taran or piles removal can lessen the pain and bleeding that […]

Laser Surgery for Piles

Thousands of people experience piles on a regular basis all over the world. Even though they do not pose a life-threatening threat, piles can be very […]

Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS

What are PCOD and PCOS?   The goal of an Ayurvedic Gynecologist in Amritsar is to offer the best treatment for polycystic ovaries conditions by using […]

What is Kshar Sutra Therapy?

Ayurvedic medicine is an old practice. Since the side effects and reactions of allopathy are now clearly visible, the majority of people are not satisfied with […]

OM SAI Hospital Pregnancy

OM SAI Hospital Pregnancy While most deliveries are normal and uncomplicated, some may inevitably need special care. Parents will want nothing less than the most experienced […]

OM SAI Hospital in Amritsar

OM SAI Hospital in Amritsar We Om Sai Hospital & Piles Centre at is dedicated for providing non-surgical treatments for many ailments which cannot be cured […]