Anal Fissure Diagnosis and Treatment

Anal Fissure Treatment in Amritsar
How is an anal fissure treated?
December 20, 2022
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December 20, 2022

These days, everyone is aware of anal fissures. Treatment for fissures is possible quite easily with the help of Fistula Kshar Sutra Treatment in Tarn taran.

An anal fissure is an open sore or tears in the lining of the large intestines close to the.

Do you realise how agonising fissure pain is for patients? This is a typical symptom that is accompanied by a severe burning that persists for several hours during bowel movements.

Another issue that people may notice as anal fissures develop is bleeding.

It’s important to avoid taking this illness for granted. For the best care for fissures, a proctologist must be consulted.

Let’s look at a few of the most significant reasons for anal fissures below.


● Pregnancy
● Stretching after childbirth affects the anal
● Crohn’s illness
● Sexually transmitted illnesses such as syphilis and herpes
● Anal sphincter muscle tightness that raises the anal canal’s tension
● Inflammatory colitis


How Can Fissure Be Healed Permanently?

Patients used to be terrified of the terrifying equipment used in surgery back when the traditional method was the only option for treating fissures.

The dreadful disease can now be treated with laser surgery thanks to the passage of time. Anal fissures are best treated with laser therapy.

This is a successful technique that eliminates the analyst’s part and enhances blood flow in the anal region.

Laser therapy can be used to permanently treat pressures. Do all patients wonder, “How to cure fissure permanently,” in their minds?

The best answer to this query is laser surgery. Patients with fissures find the non-invasive treatments to be quite comfortable.

With laser surgery, there is no possibility of a lengthy procedure. The patients can return to work and get discharged quite quickly thanks to this process.

Patients will experience less post-operative pain and a higher success rate, which will relieve their discomfort and satisfy it as the disease is more smoothly healed.


Is it possible to treat fissures non-surgically?

Yes, some natural remedies can help heal fissures. We’ll inform you of quick fissure healing techniques.


Consuming Water

It’s crucial to drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses to prevent dehydration.

Coffee, alcohol, and other beverages are not considered to be normal fluids and should not be consumed when anal fissures are present.


Eating a Diet High in Fiber

Diets high in fiber are healthy and lower the risk of constipation. When you have anal fissures, it is crucial to include high-fiber foods in your diets, such as lentils, cheese, beans, and whole grains.




The bottom line is that anal fissures shouldn’t be a cause for concern because laser treatments have greatly helped every patient with the condition.

This procedure has lessened the discomfort and blood loss, enabling patients to receive Fistula Kshar Sutra Treatment in Tarn taran with a minimally invasive procedure at a reasonable cost.

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