Ayurvedic Gynecologist

(Painful Menstruation)

In Women Of Reproductive Age I.e Between 16 Years To 45 Years Approximately, Menstruation Occur
About Every 28 Days. Menstruation Is Cyclical Bleeding Which Occur For 2-5 Days After Every 28 Days. There May Be Some Discomfort During These Days But It Does Not Disturb Normal Daily Routine Of Women.
But Some Women Experiance Pain And Unable To Do Their Daily Activities. This Is Called Dysmenorrhoea Or Painful Menstruation.

There Are Number Of Reasons For Painful Menstruation But One Can Get Relief With Some Home Remedies.


1.) Take Ajwain Seeds (Carom ) – Half Spoon (2gms) With Luke Warm Water 1-2 Times A Day.

2.) One Can Also Prepare Decoction Of Ajwain (Carom) By Boiling 1spoon Of Ajwain (Carom) In (200 Ml) Glass Of Water Over Medium Flame Until Half Of Water Evaporates And Then Filter It. Add Some Jaggery In This Decoction. Drink It In Two Parts Half In Morning And Half In Evening.

3.) Taking Of Ginger, Beet Root, Saunf, Also Help Regulate Periods And Relieve Pain..

4.) Fruits Rich In Vitamin C Like Orange, Pineapple, Papaya Also Relieve The Discomfort Associated With Menstruation

5.) Exercise, Walking, Yoga And Pranayam Are Also Helpful.

6.) There Are Various Herbal Preparations Which One Can Take With The Advice Of Doctor.